Career Outcomes with a Graduate Degree in Biology

hands, wearing lab gloves, working on an experiment FACILITIES SUPPORT RESEARCH - The Department of Biology, housed in four floors of Weyandt Hall, is equipped with modern research instrumentation to support a diversity of research in both the laboratory and the field.

Rigorous Program Trains You For Career, Graduate School Success

Graduate biology studies continue to be a solid foundation for educational and professional aspirations. If your goal is to win admittance to a professional school or become an expert in the biology-related workforce, IUP has gained a reputation for preparing you for excellence.

The scientific, communication, and investigative skills you develop at the graduate level can take you much further than a job title. Your ability to ask questions and solve problems gives you the power to determine whatever you wish to achieve.


With an MS in Biology, you may apply to a doctoral, medical, dental, or veterinary program. Or consider this sampling of employment opportunities:

  • Biotechnology or pharmacology scientist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Federal or state wildlife management authority
  • Environmental scientist
  • Plant pathologist
  • Community college professor
  • Conservation practitioner at non-governmental organization (NGO)
  • Business or management positions in science industries
  • Biotech investment consultant/financial sector
  • Government regulatory agency specialist

To help students explore the many job choices in this field, retired professor Ray Winstead has compiled some additional information to help students learn more about biology careers and job searches.