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  • Sutton Hall, ca. 1907

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania has a long history in Indiana, Pennsylvania. IUP was founded as Indiana Normal School (1875-1927); was purchased by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and became Indiana State Teachers College (1927-1959) and then Indiana State College (1959-1965); and achieved university status in 1965 and became Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In addition to the IUP history resources listed below, you can search photographs and images and IUP publications. Learn more about IUP.


    • 1860s: The Indiana Teacher Training Institute and prominent citizens of Indiana, Pennsylvania, discuss the need for improved teacher training.
    • 1871: Pennsylvania General Assembly allocates money for the establishment of the Indiana Normal School. Funds are raised locally for the construction of its first building, John Sutton Hall.
    • May 17, 1875: Indiana Normal School begins its first session in John Sutton Hall.
    • 1875-1876: Student enrollment was 225.
    • 1893: Wilson Hall was constructed and was the home of the Model School.
    • 1911-1912: Student enrollment was 1,202.
    • 1920: Indiana State Normal School (Pennsylvania State Normal School) is sold to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
    • 1927: Indiana State Normal School becomes Indiana State Teachers College and confers its first collegiate degree.
    • 1927-1928: Student enrollment was 1,347.
    • 1959: Indiana State College is created with curriculum shifting to a multipurpose institution.
    • 1959-1960: Student enrollment was 3,317.
    • 1965: Indiana State College achieves university status and became Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
    • 1965-1966: Student enrollment was 6,334.
    • 1975: IUP celebrates centennial with the renovation of John Sutton Hall.
    • 1981: Completion of the Stapleton Library Complex.
    • 2005-2006: Student enrollment was 14,081.

    Dormitory, ca. 1900


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