Affordable Learning Pennsylvania recently selected Andrea Palmiotto (Anthropology) as one of its 2022 Affordable Learning Champions. Palmiotto led the Department of Anthropology in writing and publishing Introduction to Anthropology: Holistic and Applied Research on Being Human.

This open educational resource (OER) includes text, videos, and activities for introductory anthropology courses (such as ANTH 110 Contemporary Anthropology). It replaces a traditional textbook for courses that include all four subfields of anthropology—ethnography, archaeology, physical anthropology, and linguistics. The text was written by faculty in the IUP Anthropology Department and is supported by videos created by colleagues across the United States.

Introduction to Anthropology: Holistic and Applied Research on Being Human is now used in IUP ANTH 110 courses, significantly reducing the materials costs for students in these popular classes. The OER is also freely available for use by instructors, students, and lifelong learners internationally.

Making anthropology more accessible and affordable was the primary goal of creating this OER. Palmiotto said, "College is expensive—anything we can do to reduce the cost while increasing the quality is a win." She also noted, "The IUP Anthropology faculty have a wide range of experience and are all excellent teachers. They brought all of that to this project, creating a diverse, engaging, and easy-to-read textbook replacement."

Anthropology Department Chair Ben Ford added, "It's not just a replacement, it is an improvement."

Palmiotto is joined by other IUP faculty—Crystal Machado, Dana Driscoll, and Matthew Vetter—in being recognized by ALPA this year.

Department of Anthropology