Amanda Poole of the Anthropology Department co-authored a chapter with Jennifer Riggan of Arcadia University titled “Multi-directional movement and the management of mobility between Ethiopia and Eritrea (1993–2020).” Published in the Routledge Handbook of the Horn of Africa, this chapter draws from ethnographic research on refugee policy and the care of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia to explore the local, national, and global politics that have emerged around the management of mobility on the Eritrean-Ethiopian border since Eritrean independence from Ethiopia in 1993. They also reflect on the implications of renewed regional conflict for the safety and stability of people caught between nations. 

The Routledge Handbook of the Horn of Africa provides an interdisciplinary survey of contemporary research related to a region of increasing global significance. This first edition was published in 2022 and includes a comprehensive survey of research on authoritarianism and resistance, religion and politics, migration, economic integration, the military, and regimes and liberation.  Editors of this handbook include Jean-Nicolas Bach, Jon Abbink, Stéphane Ancel, Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Emanuele Fantini, Patrick Ferras, Hassan Mwakimako, Clélie Nallet, Aleksi Ylönen, and Jan Záhořík.  

Department of Anthropology