Questions to Ask When You Visit

Shauna Doyle

Sometimes, a good question is the most important ingredient for understanding. So, we’ve compiled a list of questions that you might want to ask when you visit our school (or any other school). We could give you answers to these questions right here, but we think these are the kinds of questions that are best asked of a student at the school.

  • Instead of asking, "How much is tuition?" ask, "How much are tuition and fees?"


  • Instead of asking, "Do you give scholarships?" ask, "What is the average scholarship award of your freshmen?"


  • Instead of asking, "Can a freshman get a single room?" ask, "Do you know others in your building? What is the community like?"


  • Instead of asking, “What is the faculty-to-student ratio?” ask a student, “What kind of attention do professors here give you, both inside and outside of the Honors College?” Or, maybe try, “Have you ever been taught by a teaching assistant?”


  • Ask a student, “What is your experience here? What do you like the most about the program? The least?”


  • Ask a student in your intended major what it is like to be in the Honors College and in that major. What are the unique challenges?


  • Ask about student life, but not, “How many clubs and organizations do you have?” Instead, ask, “What clubs and organizations are you in?” Or, “Is there something for everyone?”


  • Ask a student where he or she likes to go on campus, where his or her favorite place on campus is, and why.