Will I Fit In? The CHC Quiz

Chrysa in a chemistry lab

If you can identify with at least half of these statements, our college might be right for you:

  • I enjoy speculating on alternatives to the way things are now..
  • There is at least one cause about which I care very deeply.
  • Whatever my career, it’s important for me to make the world a better place.
  • I consider myself more mature than most of my peers.
  • When I see a movie or read a book, I find myself thinking about it afterwards and wanting to talk to someone else about those ideas.
  • I like to understand how things work.
  • I enjoy class discussions, student presentations, and projects.
  • I am an independent thinker, willing to take intellectual or artistic risks.
  • I sometimes miss a question on multiple choice or true/false tests because I see the possibility of another answer also being right.

If you are someone who wants to understand how things, ideas, and events fit together—someone who is not afraid to dream or to have a vision of a larger world and your place in it—you should feel right at home here.

What Can I Major In?

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Our Typical Student

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