Updates to Special Education Graduate Programs

Posted on 3/10/22 2:00 PM

Special Education MEd and Certification

Dr. Annah Hill, Program Coordinator


The Office of Graduate Admissions at IUP is pleased to announce updates to our special education graduate programs. These programs are now aligned with the 2021 updates to the Special Education Certification by the State of Pennsylvania. The program now runs on a K-12 format and is more closely aligned with IUP's Undergraduate Special Education Program.

The special education graduate programs offered at IUP include a certification-only track, a master’s-only track, and a master's and certification track. All tracks are offered in a hybrid format, where most classes are offered in an online asynchronous format. The certification-only and the master's plus certification tracks require students to complete practicum and internship experiences. With prior authorization of the program coordinator, these experiences can be completed throughout Pennsylvania. For individuals who wish to pursue the special education certification or the special education master's plus certification, a valid Pennsylvania teaching certification is required.

These programs are an excellent choice for potential students due to their flexibility and research options. Students are able to complete the degree through distance education and can participate in research options with faculty without being on campus. Scholarships and graduate assistantships are also available on a competitive basis for master's and master's plus certification students. Students are advised to contact the program coordinator for more information on these opportunities.