Before you start

Finding a place to live may seem like an impossible task. Time, money, persistence, and luck are all factors needed in the housing search. You should allow yourself ample time to find accommodations that are suitable for you. If you are planning to have your parents partially or fully fund your apartment, you may want to talk to them first before setting outto find an apartment. This guide can be very useful in your search. However, it is not advisable to attempt to rent any accommodation via the mail or telephone. Be sure to personally inspect the facility before agreeing to rent.

Off-Campus Housing List

A wide variety of off-campus housing is available throughout the community! Here is a list of some of the local housing options for culinary and baking students.

The Lease Agreement

Understand the common terms found in a housing lease agreement.

Roommates and Finances for Renters

A few more things to consider to when choosing the off-campus living situation that is right for you.

Renter BeAware

Be positive you know what you are renting. Some basic questions to ask before you sign a lease.