First, File Your FAFSA

  • The FAFSA is the form the government uses to determine how much federal or state (if you're a Pennsylvania resident) grant, loan, or work-study money you're eligible for.
  • Submit your FAFSA in December of the year before you begin school.

Submit the FAFSA online. IUP's School Code is 003277.

FAQ About FAFSA and Your Offer

  1. How do I answer the question, "What degree or certificate will you be working on during the xxxx school year?"
    If you are entering or continuing in the Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry program, select the answer: "Certificate or diploma for completing an occupational, technical, or educational program of at least two years." (This would include if you are continuing on to a bachelor's degree after culinary or completing the Culinary Arts associate degree.)
  2. When will I receive notification of my financial aid offer?
    Culinary students will receive offer letters from IUP by mail beginning in December.
  3. How do I notify IUP if I wish to reduce an offer (i.e., a loan), or report a scholarship not on my financial aid offer letter?
    You will need to complete the Financial Aid Adjustment Form.

Detailed Information About Grants and Loans

IUP Culinary Scholarship Information

Check out our scholarships dedicated to culinary students.

Additional Scholarship Resources

  • American Culinary Federation
    The American Culinary Federation is the accreditation board for culinarians in the industry. This organization offers scholarships to students attending culinary schools. Search "scholarships" at the site for the latest listings available.
  • Thomas W. O'Brien Memorial Scholarship
    The Thomas W. O'Brien Memorial Scholarship is a $1,500 scholarship available for a career and technical education student enrolled in an approved CTE program in Pennsylvania and planning to attend a post-secondary institution majoring in a career and technical field.
  • National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
    The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation provides scholarships to students who want to pursue a degree in culinary or hospitality.
  • James Beard Foundation
    The James Beard Foundation provides scholarships to students who want to pursue a degree in culinary or hospitality.
  • Pennsylvania Restaurant Association Scholarships
    The Pennsylvania Restaurant Association (PRA) and the PRA Education Foundation (PRAEF) provide students with opportunities to further their education in the hospitality or food service industry.
  • Modern Mountain's "Rise" Up Baking Scholarship
    The Modern Mountain "Rise Up" Baking Scholarship is for students looking to pursue a professional career in Baking and Pastry Arts. It was created to support and connect with upcoming bakers and offer financial support.