Waitlist FAQ

I applied to culinary arts and my decision letter says that I am on the culinary arts waitlist. What does this mean?

The IUP Academy of Culinary Arts received applications from many more students than we have space to enroll. Because we limit the size of our culinary classes, we are unable to admit all qualified students. As a waitlisted student, we strongly believe you have the capability to be successful in the Culinary Arts major and that, if space becomes available, you could be successful at the IUP Academy of Culinary Arts. Many applicants make initial confirmation deposits to more than one school, or change their enrollment plans and withdraw creating places in the class. That's when we admit students from the waitlist.

When can I expect to hear something?

As spaces become available, we will begin making admission offers immediately to waitlisted students. We will continue to make offers until places in the class have been filled. If you do not hear from us, you may assume that you are still on the waitlist.

If I receive an offer of admission, how long will I have to decide?

Not very long, out of consideration to the other applicants on the waitlist. We will telephone you if we have a space available for you, and you will be asked to make a deposit within a couple of days.

How will waitlist admission affect my chances of receiving financial aid?

If you qualify, getting federal or private educational loans should be no problem. You should make sure that your FAFSA and supporting documentation have been received by the Financial Aid Office so that we can begin to process your loan application as soon as you have been accepted.

Will I be able to find a place to live?

Off-campus housing in Punxsutawney is usually not difficult to find, and we maintain an off-campus housing list to help you with your search.

If I am offered admission from the waitlist, may I defer my enrollment?

Yes, you may defer your enrollment to the next Fall program start.

Where am I on the waitlist?

The waitlist is unranked.