The IUP Student Accounting Association (SAA) recently donated $500 in pet food, cat litter, cleaning products, and office supplies to the Indiana Four Footed Friends (FFF) animal shelter as one of their community service projects. SAA vice president of finance, Brandon Boyer(on left), and SAA community service chair, Logan Stear (on right), purchased the items and delivered them to the FFF.

On September 10, 2021, the IUP Student Accounting Association made a $500 donation of pet food, cat litter, cleaning products, and office supplies to Four Footed Friends, a nonprofit animal shelter in Indiana, Pa. FFF houses stray cats and dogs from the surrounding communities and provides veterinary care, rehabilitation services, and training to the animals.

The donation was carried out by the SAA Community Service Chair Logan Stear and the Vice President of Finance Brandon Boyer. Stear visited FFF’s website and found their wish list for the most needed items. He bought the cleaning products and office supplies at Walmart, and he, along with Boyer, purchased the pet food and cat litter at Tractor Supply.

“Being a pet owner who has adopted many pets from Four Footed Friends, this was a special donation for me. Shelters everywhere are always packed with animals, and they need help. Jeanne Stelmak, director of FFF, was so grateful for the donation. I hope the SAA can continue to make donations to the shelter in the future,” Stear said.

According to the SAA faculty advisor and professor in the IUP Department of Accounting, Kim Anderson, “The SAA came up with the idea of making donations of merchandise in 2019 when a $500 food donation was made to the IUP Food Pantry followed by two more Food Pantry donations in 2020 and 2021. This most recent donation is the first one the SAA has made to Four Footed Friends. These donations are a fantastic way for the SAA to give back to the university and the wider Indiana community.”

The donation to FFF included nearly $500 worth of food, cat litter, cleaning products, and office supplies. A total of 243 pounds of dog and cat food was purchased and a full shopping cart of cleaning products and office supplies. Stear and Boyer filled both of their cars and dropped off the donations at FFF.

“Having the ability to impact the Indiana community is something special. Donating to Four Footed Friends and similar small businesses is something that the SAA loves being able to do. It was great to see the smile on Jeanne’s face when we arrived with the donation,” Boyer said.

The shelter is looking for qualified people to adopt a pet. Four Footed Friends is located at 220 Beck Road in Indiana, Pennsylvania. If you are interested in learning more about adopting a pet, contact FFF at 724-349-1144 or by emailing them at