Student Accounting Association Makes Donation to IUP Food Pantry

Posted on 11/6/20 9:20 PM

On November 4, 2020, the IUP Student Accounting Association community service chair, Samantha Weaver, and vice president Robert Kanick went grocery shopping, spending $541.02 on 256 nonperishable food items and toiletries which were donated to the IUP Food Pantry and Help Center.

The SAA faculty advisor and professor in the IUP Department of Accounting, Kim Anderson, came up with the idea of donating to the food pantry last year as a way for the SAA to give back to the university. This is the SAA’s second annual food pantry donation. Last November, the SAA donated 304 nonperishable food items costing $478.41


community help

SAA Vice President Robert Kanick is shown shopping at the local Walmart for nonperishable items for the IUP Food Pantry and Help Center.

“After receiving very positive feedback from the SAA students who helped with last year’s donation to the food pantry, it was decided to make this an annual SAA community service project. It’s a fantastic way for the SAA students to help out their fellow students who may be facing food insecurity. Unfortunately, food insecurity has increased as a result of the pandemic,” Anderson said.

Weaver and Kanick took on the responsibility of organizing the details. They obtained a list of the most-needed items from the Food Pantry and Help Center from Malaika Turner, assistant vice president for Student Affairs, who oversees the operations of the food pantry. With the list of items in hand and a budget of $550, Weaver and Kanick went shopping at the local Walmart.

“I felt a little odd walking around Walmart with carts overflowing with loaves of bread and toilet paper. Trying to maneuver through the busy store was a little tricky too. Luckily the cashier was very friendly and accommodating despite the large number of items,” Kanick said.


SAA Community Service Chair Samantha Weaver helped deliver the items directly to the IUP Food Pantry and Help Center.

With just two people making the trip, they were surprisingly able to fit all the items into the trunk and backseat of one car. After loading up the car, Weaver and Kanick delivered the groceries directly to the Food Pantry, located in the Suites on Pratt, room G-12. Once they arrived, they asked one of the student volunteers to help with unloading the car and taking the donation items inside.

“The student volunteers there seemed a little surprised by our donation, but also very grateful. I think I speak for both Robert and myself when I say that we are grateful that Dr. Anderson brought this opportunity to us. It felt amazing to give back to the IUP community  in this way,” Weaver said.

The IUP Food Pantry and Help Center opened in September 2019 to address food insecurity and insufficiency faced by many students. Faculty, staff, students, student organizations, and alumni have made donations to the Food Pantry and Help Center.

According to their website, “Food insecurity is a reality across the country, so we hope that the Pantry will effect positive change for our IUP students who may need extra assistance. Our hope is to help reduce the stress that students may experience during their time at IUP.”

Students can stop down to Suites on Pratt G-12 for food, feminine products, school supplies, and more. Students are able to grab a cart, if needed, and a reusable bag to “shop” for items. The current hours of operation are noon to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed weekends and holidays). For additional information, call 724-357-2220 (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or email