Inspire: Institutional Success Through Program Innovation, Redesign, And Evolution

  • Inspire Overview

    The Inspire institutional review process will examine all of IUP’s academic programs over three semester review cycles (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Fall 2020). The review will be carried out by a university-wide committee, co-chaired by an IUP administrator and an APSCUF member. Other members will include faculty from each college, students, and other representatives.

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    The Review Process

    The Inspire committee will utilize a university data set drawn from university metrics when reviewing programs. They will also consider and utilize program-generated response documents outlining possible strategies for program redesign and innovation. A decision to place the program in moratorium and/or to recommend immediate, near-term, or long-term program redesign will be made by the committee to the provost at the end of each cycle.

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    Program List - Phase One

    Program Response Documents

    In each phase of the Inspire process, academic departments will be asked to submit a response document to the review committee outlining their vision for how to innovate and re-design their programs. Documents can include the results of five-year program reviews, accreditations, workforce demands, and/or university metrics.

    Program response documents should lay out a concise set of possible strategies which could increase program value in terms of student enrollment, general education contributions, distinctive and unique program identity, research and scholarship, or workforce needs. College deans will assist in the preparation of these documents to ensure the suggested strategies support the overall college mission, vision, and resources.

    Format and guidelines of program responses 

    Templates and Examples

    Program Response Document Template in Fillable PDF Format
    This version of the PRD template can accommodate short amounts of explanatory text and is most suitable for programs requesting a long-term moratorium or moratorium leading to closure. This document can be signed digitally before being sent to the Inspire committee (paperless workflow).

    Hypothetical Example

    Program Response Document Template in Word Format
    This version of the PRD template is best for longer explanatory text. It is recommended for programs requesting continuation with changes or a short-term moratorium during which programs will implement a specific action plan with a rapid timeline. This document must be printed out for department chair and dean signatures, then scanned to PDF before being sent to the Inspire committee (paper-based workflow).

    Hypothetical Example

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions about the Inspire process after reading the above resource documents, try this PDF

    The Inspire Committee Is Looking for Big Ideas

    The Inspire Committee will also consider wide-ranging suggestions from the university community that could streamline university programs across departments and divisions, including ideas for redesign or implementation that relate to Liberal Studies requirements, or any other university-wide process that could be made more efficient and effective and which the committee should consider as a possible recommendation for the provost.

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