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Known Issues

  • This page is a running list of unexplained, undesirable, or unwanted behavior from on our CMS-powered website. If we’ve missed something, let us know.

    • When using Internet Explorer 8, some news and blog pages will “jump” to the top when you attempt to scroll down and/or attempt to click in the body of the page. This is caused by an issue with the Compatibility View setting in the browser. To turn off Compatibility View in the browser, go to Tools, Compatibility View Settings, and uncheck Display intranet sites in Compatibility View. Note: The contents of the page display correctly, the issue is only with scrolling the page. This may also happen in other versions of Internet Explorer.
    • Ektron is not compatible with Firefox browser version five, in either Windows or Mac. There are many errors that result when using that version of the browser.
    • Including an ampersand (&) in the title of a news item will prevent that news page's RSS from functioning properly in some RSS readers.
    • The ability to do a mass upload of images is no longer available now that we have switched to Content Designer.
    • In the Workarea, on some operating-system/browser combinations, such as Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8, adding items to collections, clicking on the “Add Library” icon in a calendar entry, or clicking on the start-time or end-time icons in a calendar entry, will open a new tab in the browser to carry out that function. Although the behavior is different and a little inconvenient, completing the task in the new tab appears to work.
    • When creating a Learn More smart form in Internet Explorer 7, the field where the URL is to be added is not visible. Please use another browser, if possible.
    • When inserting images in Content Designer using Internet Explorer 7, the image may not appear where you want it. The Web Team will often adjust the image placement as content comes through workflow.
    • If you click on the Summary tab after editing content and the tab remains on Content, you may want to copy your text into a document, particularly if you made significant changes. Checking in or publishing content that experiences this problem may appear to work but not actually save the changes you made.
    • When working with bulleted lists in Content Designer, odd breaks may appear. Switching to the source view then back to the normal view often makes the list appear normal again. Unexpected line breaks may occur when working with bulleted lists in content designer.
    • YouTube Video smart forms are not yet deployed across the site. If you need one and don’t have it available, e-mail and we can set it up for you.
    • The Content Designer editor may crash when cutting large chunks of content, particularly all the content on the content or summary tab.
    • The introduction style may not appear when set in the Content Designer editor. Style needs to be fixed in the code view.
    • On platforms other than Windows, the list folders in the Ektron Workarea may appear in extremely small type.
    • Ektron Smart Forms (such as personnel lists) can take a long time to open, especially if you are using an older browser, like Internet Explorer 6. Switching to a newer browser can make a big difference for opening Smart Forms.
    • Repeating events in a calendar may not appear on the correct day.
    • Editing a repeating event may result in the event losing its repetitions.
    • If a picture is floated to the left (using the left-aligned-image style, for instance), any bullets in the text to the image's right run underneath the image.
    • On the menu, only the words are clickable. The entire rectangle should be part of the clickable area.
    • RSS icons do not appear in the location bar on RSS-aware browsers.
    • The upperWide.aspx template allows content to flow under menus.
    • Text may appear unstyled when viewing in the Smart Desktop.
    • When the title of a content item is changed, the quicklink may not update automatically, resulting in links to the page not working.
    • When using the Content Designer editor, it sometimes places a random <iframe> into the content. This issue may also happen if you submit the page before it has fully loaded.
    • Div tags <div> are sometimes placed around links in Content Designer.
    • When editing a MultiZone Smartform in eWeb Edit Pro, some <a> tags are removed when published. This seems to be with <a> tags that have a rollover class on them and/or that call an image not in the CMS.