The Center for Videoconferencing

  • The Center for Videoconferencing (CVC), housed within the College of Education and Communications, develops innovative strategies for utilizing video and blended technologies (combining old and new delivery methods of instruction) in support of synchronous/asynchronous instruction (delayed and “real time” interaction) and communication to distant sites. CVC is intended to be a distance education video-based resource center for IUP and the regional community.

    Services include the following:

    • Provide demonstrations of educational applications of video conferencing technology to faculty, staff, students, and the regional community
    • Provide faculty the opportunity to incorporate video-based distance education into courses
    • Provide a video production studio and video conferencing room(s) to deliver or produce education video material/courses to distant sites
    • Identifies distance education research websites that are beneficial to faculty, students, and administrators
    • Assist IUP’s colleges and administration in identifying videoconferencing equipment and peripherals to purchase that coincides with their objectives
    • Develop a research agenda of topics related to video-based distance learning
    • Provide videoconferencing to local social service agencies, businesses, and corporations
    • Provide IUP with videoconferencing to all PASSHE (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) universities and their centers
    • Specializing in videoconferencing services for classroom instruction and large/small group videoconferencing meetings