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Hands-on experience. A career trial run. An opportunity to apply classroom knowledge. A foot in the door. Any way you look at them, internships are widely recognized as an essential part of preparing students to enter the workforce.

An internship, or co-op, is an educational plan that integrates classroom experience in industrial, business, government, or community-service work situations. Internships allow students to put academic principles to work, to test career interests, and to develop skills and abilities through carefully planned and supervised programs related to the degree they are pursuing.

Close liaison between the university and the firm, institution, or agency providing the work experience is essential, and the university assumes the responsibility of integrating the experience within the student’s curriculum.

IUP offers many resources to help students find an internship. However, the first step is to get approval from your department coordinator. Make an appointment today, and take one step closer to future career success!