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August 2010

SOUTH BUFFALO — Patricia Scott helped turn things around at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania at Northpointe campus in more ways than one. Scott, who is retiring as the dean of the IUP campus, played an important role in advancing the mission of the regional campus to meet the educational and professional development needs of the community and workforce.

—“Retiring IUP Dean Patricia Scott Turned Campus Around,”
Kittanning Leader-Times, Aug. 28, 2010

Business owners are welcoming back thousands of college students this week knowing two things: They will be hungry. They will be thirsty. Food, entertainment and other expenses typically add up to about $2,500 per semester for each student, Point Park University marketing professor Paige Beal said. That translates to $700 million a year for the local economy. About 140,000 students attend 33 universities in Western Pennsylvania, she said. ‘That’s a pretty significant economic impact,’ Beal said. ‘The current psychological impact of the flurry of activity is super positive. We are seeing people coming, and coming in droves.’ Mary Beth Akbay hired 20 people in anticipation of the 30 percent increase in sales she expects as students stop by Romeo’s Pizzeria & Mediterranean Kitchen when they return to Indiana University of Pennsylvania this weekend. The influx of more than 14,000 people causes quite a change, she said. ‘It will be breathing life back into the community,’ she said. ‘There will be a substantial increase, not just in business but in activity in the town.’ The borough’s population doubles when students return, said Dana P. Henry, president of the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce.  ‘It’s nice over the summer to have less traffic, but to have IUP back in session — there is no down side,’ Henry said. ‘You know it’s good for the community.’ 

—“‘No Down Side’ For Pittsburgh Businesses as Students Arrive,”
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Aug. 25, 2010

Still, though the research may not reflect it yet, younger adults could be slowly influencing the behavior of older adults. ‘Everyone I know uses text messaging, including my parents and grandparents, so I never have any need to call them for the most part,’ said Amanda Bee, 20, a junior at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. ‘I try to avoid talking to [my family] on the phone.’

—“Phone Fatigue: Voice Calls on the Decline,”
ABC News, Aug. 9, 2010

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Seton Hill University have been named a “Best Northeastern College” for 2011 by The Princeston Review. The schools are one of 218 schools included in the northeast region by the nationally known education services company. IUP is ranked as a “Best Northeastern College” for the second year in a row and is included in The Princeton Review’s “The Best Northeastern Colleges, 2011 Edition” guidebook. Guidebook editors call the selected schools “the country’s best institutions for undergraduate education.” 

—“UPJ, IUP, Seton Hill Named Best Northeastern Schools,”
Somerset Daily American, Aug. 7, 2010

Joseph Marcoline, associate professor in professional studies in education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and former superintendent of the Homer-Center School District, said being too strict in teacher qualifications has its drawbacks, too. ‘Some of the qualities that you’re looking for in teachers is not something that you’re going to find in print on a resume,’ Marcoline said. ‘Those are the types of qualities that will be judged through the interview itself.’

—“Teacher Hiring Criteria Intended to Get Best Candidates,”
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Aug. 1, 2010