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Total University Withdrawal for Undergraduates

An undergraduate student who does not register for the succeeding semester and/or, having registered, does not appear for classes at the beginning of the succeeding semester/session is considered to have withdrawn from the university. For various reasons, undergraduate students may need to stop attending their classes and leave the university for part, or all, of a semester/session. If this leave is going to be for more than a week or so (or, in the case of some sessions, a day), and depending upon the nature of the classes in which the student is enrolled, the student may need to consider processing an undergraduate total university withdrawal for the semester/session.

Doing so by using the procedures outlined below, rather than just leaving and receive failing grades, allows students to retain their quality-point average of the previous semester.

As with any procedure, students should carefully review all aspects and implications of such an action before initiating the withdrawal.

Any undergraduate student who is not advised by the Department of Developmental Studies or who has a hold on his/her account or who does not attend the IUP at Northpointe campus or the IUP Punxsutawney campus and who voluntarily withdraws from the university during a semester or a winter or summer session must process a “Total University Withdrawal” from the semester/session by logging onto MyIUP and selecting the option for withdrawing. After responding to a brief exit questionnaire, the student will be able to “web withdraw” from all his or her courses. Should a student have questions, he or she may e-mail, or schedule an appointment to have the questions addressed at the Advising and Testing Center, 216 Pratt Hall, 724-357-4067.

Students advised by the Department of Developmental Studies or who have a hold on their account, rather than withdrawing via MyIUP, must secure a Total University Withdrawal Form from the Advising and Testing Center, 216 Pratt Hall, 724-357-4067 (e-mail: Similarly, students attending the regional campuses should secure a Total University Withdrawal Form from the main office at the student’s respective campus. When a form is used, the signed form must be returned to the Advising and Testing Center, which will notify the appropriate campus agencies and instructors that an official withdrawal has been processed. No person shall be considered withdrawn from the university within a semester/session unless such notice is received.

Undergraduate students should contact the Advising and Testing Center (Pratt Hall, Room 216) if they want to process a total university withdrawal after the individual course withdrawal deadline, but before the total university withdrawal deadline.

A withdrawal designation will be assigned to all registered courses in the semester/session from which the student is withdrawing. Deadlines do apply, and ramifications to current semester bills and financial aid, as well as future semester financial aid, should be checked by contacting the appropriate offices (the Bursar’s Office and the Office of Financial Aid) before withdrawing.

It is to be noted that there are no leniencies for withdrawals caused by medical situations. With the exception of documented “Call to Active Duty” withdrawals, all withdrawals follow the deadline dates set for the semester/session.

Students who withdraw who are on probation or extended probation cannot presume that such will be continued.

Questions regarding academic status should be directed by the student to the associate dean or dean’s associate of the college of the student’s primary major.

Any undergraduate student involuntarily withdrawing from the university as a result of suspension or expulsion will have the designation of W assigned to each registered course as a result of such judicial action.

Total University Withdrawal: Checklist
If you are considering total university withdrawal, make sure you review this checklist of things to do and consider before withdrawing.
Total University Withdrawal: Military Call to Active Duty
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