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Who We Are

We are philosophers, artists, and athletes… musicians, soldiers, and writers… adventurers and students. We’ve traveled from around the world and just down the street. As members of the Honors College, we come to discuss, experiment, discover and learn. From Greeks to university senators… band to rugby… debates to poetry… we are a community of scholars, and we invite you to discover us.

We're an extremely diverse group with different opinions, interests, and likes and dislikes—but all with a common thread. We love to learn, we love to question what other people take as a “given.” Here you will feel welcome because of this, not in spite of it. We are truly a community of scholars.


Angelo Mazzamuto: International Business and Marketing
"I looked through their viewbook and…I loved it!"
Anna Nadgrodkiewicz: International Studies
"I never thought in my life I'd be doing this."
Chrysa Malosh: Chemistry
"We lived in our chemistry lab. Well, I do go out for meals. Other than that, I like to work from about eight in the morning until midnight."
Elizabeth Baran: English
The idea of working in public policy was planted because of the community service requirement in the Honors College.
Eric Boyer: Philosophy and Political Science
Ever since I took a course on Contemporary Social Problems during my sophomore year of high school I have been interested in public policy and politics.
Erica Shafran: English and German
The more Erica Shafran looked at IUP, and the Honors College, the more certain she became that she was making the right choice.
Erin Gattens: English and Spanish Education
"I knew IUP had a great teacher education program, and when I found out about the Honors College, I was sold."
Jennifer Aaron: Psychology
My dream is to graduate from college and find a dream that I can enjoy for the next 20-30 years or so before I move on to something new and interesting.
Kyle Payne: Theatre
So why does a young man, growing up in Jackson Heights, N.Y., decide to come to Indiana University and the Robert E. Cook Honors College?
Larry Skillin: History
"Quite honestly, the Honors College has far surpassed any of my wildest dreams in terms of providing a fabulous education and once in a lifetime opportunities to be successful as an undergraduate."
Laura Cramer: Anthropology
“The Honors College, itself, is really what drew me to IUP.”
Lori Felker: English
"Students often make lists about what they want from college, but the real question you might pose to yourself is this: 'What does a college – or honors program – want from you?'
Lucy Sheftel: Finance
"Part of what attracted me to IUP was the wide variety of classes in my major (then Economics, later Finance) and because I really liked the Honors College."
Management Information Systems
"I had been in rehab for my knee and then, sensing I was ready, the coach put me in during a game in Louisville. I got a three pointer. I was back!" 
Matt Genchur: Geography
"When I was in high school, thinking about what universities I might apply to, I heard about the Honors College just starting up, and it really intrigued me."
Shauna Doyle: Education of Persons with Hearing Loss, History
In high school I worked as a teacher's assistant, became friends with many of my teachers, and would often spend afternoons talking with them.
Steve Mihalacki: Economics
Steve Mihalacki isn't kidding when he says he's been "heavily involved" in ROTC.
Tia Kipp: Accounting
“I chose IUP because of the academics and the athletics. IUP had the only Honors College that I saw offering substantial benefits.”