How the Beak Works

  • Submissions

    • If you are a part of a recognized student organization , then the Beak editors are able to write and submit a news post and/or calendar event for your organization and post it to the Student Organizations page. If your organization is not recognized yet, we cannot post anything for it.
    • In order to get your student organization’s news posted, you must submit it via the submission form on the Beak website.
    • If you are not part of a student organization (i.e., department, professor, etc.), you must first submit a news post to your regular website. You can learn how to do this via the Digital Team’s tutorials. Once the post has been approved, the Beak editors will have access to it for posting.
    • The Beak is used strictly for student news and will not post unrelated news or news solicited from third parties.


    • Submissions for the Beak must be received by noon the day before you want them to be posted. For an event on a Monday, the submission must be received by noon the previous Friday. For example, if you want something in for a Wednesday, we must receive the submission by noon on the Tuesday before. Submissions post overnight, so it is not possible to post something the same day it is occurring.
    • Submissions are done as soon as we receive them and will only remain posted in the news section of the Beak for one to two days, depending on the event. When submitting your news or event, be conscious of time. Don’t submit news too far in advance because it will not run up until the time of the event. We cannot take special requests to keep events running for longer periods of time.
    • Events on the sidebar calendar of the Beak are pulled from a number of calendars on IUP’s website, including the Student Organizations Events calendar. All submissions are posted as calendar events, as well as news posts. Typically, events will have a five-day rotation in the calendar when it comes closer to the time of the event. To best ensure that your post shows in the sidebar, submit your event at least five days prior to the event. If your news post has already been in the Beak and taken out, this will act as a reminder for the event when it approaches.

    If you need to look up an old post to find out information, you can find all the submissions on the Student Organizations’ website. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail