Verbal Conflict Management

On March 22nd, 2019 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m., the Center for Teaching Excellence in conjunction with Women's and Gender Studies offered the following workshop: “Verbal Conflict Management: A basic guide to navigating challenging discussions, developing healthy communication strategies, and deescalating when things go astray.”

This discussion focused on basic skills that can be applied in daily life to help us better communicate our needs, concerns, and ideas to others when discussing subjects which are likely to lead to conflict or disagreement. Skills related to cultural competency, deescalation, and calm resolution of conflicts for those times when we may find ourselves facing a heated interaction will also be discussed and explored in depth. Attendees learned basic sentence patterns for use in expressing their ideas/needs/concerns in an assertive tone which is respectful of others as well as themselves. Attendees also learned basic verbal techniques, body language techniques, and thinking strategies that can assist in calmly deescalating challenging interactions.

Sharon Layton Bio

“A proud IUP alumna and McNair Scholar, Sharon Layton has spent 13 years working in the fields of Mental Health Crisis Intervention, Behavioral Coaching, and Workplace Crisis Management. She has supplemented her IUP education with an M.S degree in Counseling Psychology, doctoral level studies in the field of I/O Psychology, as well as Professional Coaching certifications and specializations in Crisis Management and Suicide Intervention. Furthermore, Sharon has nurtured ongoing interests in language acquisition (herself being multilingual), communication, and intercultural issues through working domestically and abroad; providing a range of crisis and non crisis based services to both individuals and large corporations. Sharon strongly believes in the importance of empowering others to help themselves and uses an ever growing understanding of Communication Strategy and Crisis Deescalation to help her clients seek out their own best possible outcomes personally and professionally.”

Verbal Conflict Management Sharon Layton and Lynn Botelho

Verbal Conflict Management Sharon Layton and Stephanie Taylor-Davis

Verbal Conflict Management Sharon Layton