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  • When you invest in IUP students everyone benefits.


    While citizens who have a post-secondary education fare better in society, society fares better with more college graduates, including those from IUP. A study by the College Board concluded that children of college graduates are better prepared for school, that college graduates volunteer more in their communities, and college graduates are more likely to participate in elections.

    IUP takes that responsibility seriously. Providing outstanding programs and activities that make a well-rounded education requires financial support far beyond what tuition generates and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides. Private charitable gifts for scholarships, up-to-date classroom technology, enhanced library resources, and other campus priorities ensure that deserving students have access to the exceptional experiences at IUP. Thanks to your generosity, IUP can keep its promises to highly motivated students and prepare them what the future holds.

    Many connected to IUP already know this, and it motivates them to make IUP their philanthropic priority each year. Gifts to IUP keep the university strong and its ability to serve students even stronger.

    Your gift makes it happen.

  • Your Gifts at Work
    When you give, you'll see an impact. Meet some of the students who directly benefit from your generosity.
    Ways to Give
    Everyone’s situation is different, and as a result, there are many different ways to give to IUP. You’ll find on this page forms, a calculation tool, and contact and matching gift information.
    Where We Need Your Help
    IUP needs your help in many ways, but we can narrow down the conversation to three basic areas: scholarships, capital improvements, and program enhancements.
    Why We Support IUP
    Some give to IUP out of pride of for their alma mater. Others prefer to think their philanthropic gift as an investment in society's future. See what inspires alumni and friends to support IUP.
    Giving Societies
    Benefactors who invest in IUP students understand that philanthropy opens the doors of opportunity for students—doors that otherwise may never be opened. Members of our giving societies partner with the university to build the foundation for student success. Their investments enable IUP to grow and to flourish.