Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Are you ready to graduate? How much will you earn in your first job? Are you concerned about student loan repayment? What does credit have to do with a cow? (If you know, you’ll know.)

Join us for a discussion about realistic earnings, student loan repayment options, and real talk about credit.

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Queer Conversations: Take Back the Night

Elkin Hall Great Room and Zoom

Join LGBTQIA Support for the Queer Conversations Series every Tuesday from 5:00–7:00 p.m. The Zoom meeting code for all sessions is 913 2363 1243.

Prosper on Purpose

Zoom ID: 97300754218

This program will help LatinX students create their journey for prosperity after graduation. Elaine Johnson will provide a foundation for attendees to design a consistent practice of habits that lead to a culmination of success in multiple areas of their life.

Many people continue to wrestle with the stigma that they cannot have it all and remain successful, but this presentation will show you how it can all be done.

This poetry workshop is facilitated by noted poet and activist Aja Monet. We will spend time with work by women writers and artists of the diaspora who raise necessary questions about the role of self in society and our many methods of survival, to include the governing of feelings and the politics of emotional labor.

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Meeting ID: 973 4909 9157

Passcode: 774757