Frequently Asked Questions about the Office of Student Conduct

  • Information for Faculty and Staff
    Answers to questions about the Office of Student Conduct's purpose
    Information for Advisors
    Information to familiarize advisors with IUP’s student conductprocedures/processes and their role
    Interim Suspension Information
    When a student’s continued presence at the university constitutes an immediate threat of harm, a student may be suspended from IUP pending final disposition of the case through the university student conduct process.
    Community Assistants, Head Community Assistants, and Student Managers
    Answers to questions about these roles and responsibilities
    Survivors of Violence
    Information applying to university student conduct proceedings only—not questions regarding charges in civil or criminal court
    Frequently asked questions that witnesses may have concerning student conduct hearings
    These frequently asked questions apply to university student conduct proceedings only.
    Accused Students
    Frequently asked questions for accused students as they apply to university student conduct proceedings