Creating the Goal Statements

  • Following the creation of The Vision for IUP’s Future, the next step in the strategic planning process was the creation of the goals. During this process, four goal statements were developed using the vision statement and values.

    Goal Statements

    1. Provide innovative academic programs of high quality and value.
    2. Prepare all of IUP’s students for success in work and life, in addition to academic success.
    3. Secure IUP’s financial future.
    4. Strengthen IUP’s value to our local, state, and global partners.

    IUP Values Statements

    Eight value statements were created during the strategic visioning process in 2013. These eight statements contain three reoccurring themes. For the strategic plan, these three reoccurring themes were used to formulate the first three of IUP’s goal statements.

    Values Statements to Goals

    The image above shows how the eight statements fit into the development of these three goals.

    IUP Vision Statement

    The fourth goal statement arises from the language of the vision statement.

    Vision Statement to Goal

    The process for the formulation of this statement is shown in the image above.