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Sociology and Economics Students Selected for Second Annual Justice Research Fellowship Program

Indiana University of Pennsylvania has selected its second student cohort of Justice Research Fellows at the Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center at IUP.

Shinberg Presents on Structural Ableism

Associate Professor Diane Shinberg presented "Toward More Inclusive Structural Intersectionality: Contextual Measurement of Structural Ableism" at the American Sociological Association's 118th annual meeting in Philadelphia, PA, on August 19, 2023.

Sociology and Economics Students Selected for Inaugural Justice Research Fellowship Program

Two students, Angelique Alcantara (Dept. of Economics) and Owen Zablocki (Dept. of Sociology), have been selected from a pool of exemplary nominees to be the inaugural Justice Research Fellows at the IUP Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center.

Students’ Summer Research—In Their Words (U-SOAR 2022)

Want a preview of the research you can hear about Friday, August 5, at 11:00 a.m. in the HUB Monongahela Room during the Undergraduate Summer Opportunities for Applying Research (U-SOAR) program symposium? Watch as four students explain their projects.

Sociology Faculty Publish on Compassion Fatigue

Christian Vaccaro, Melissa Swauger, and Alex Heckert, along with Shayna Morrison (Kent State University), recently published the paper “Sociological conceptualizations of compassion fatigue: Expanding our understanding” in the journal Sociology Compass. 

Shinberg Presents on Disability and Opioids

Diane Shinberg, associate professor of Sociology, presented “At the Intersection of Disabilities and Opioid Use Disorders: Patterns of Protection and Susceptibility” at the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting. The paper addresses the social patterning of misuse and use disorders across different disability groups.

Start Smart Workshop 2020

Start Smart is an interactive workshop designed to give women the skills they need to earn fair compensation. No admission is charged. Learn how to negotiate your highest possible salary at this workshop on Saturday, February 8.

Vaccaro and Colleagues Win National Award for Narrative Research in Social Psychology

Christian Vaccaro and colleagues won the 2019 David R. Maines Narrative Research Award for their work, “Narrative Manhood Acts: Batterer Intervention Program Graduates’ Tragic Relationships.” The award was presented by the Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research.