Crimson Snapshot Academics

  • Students learning in a Physics classroom IUP is a research-based, student-centered learning community, offering more than 120 undergraduate programs of study, 60 master’s degree programs, and 14 doctoral programs.

    Widely recognized for offering a quality education, as well as an affordable one, IUP was named in Princeton Review’s Best 373 Colleges, 2011 edition, and the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology was included in U.S. News and World Report's 2018 Best Business Schools.

    In addition, the Cook Honors College—featured in Donald Asher’s Cool Colleges: For the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different—provides an academic and residential environment in which the university’s most talented students live, learn, and work together.

    The university’s faculty and students have included winners of the Fulbright Scholarship, Rome Prize, Goldwater Scholarship, and Ali-Zaidi Award.

    Degrees Awarded

    IUP’s undergraduate degree programs are divided among six colleges.

    Here is a breakdown of the degrees awarded by IUP during the past two academic years:

    Degrees Awarded Bachelor’s Master’s
    70% 25%
    2018–19 73% 23% 4%
    2017–18 75% 21% 3%
    2016–17 74% 22% 4%

    Second-Year Retention Rate

      Fall 2016–17 Fall 2017–18  Fall 2018–19 Fall 2019–20
    Retention Rate: Overall 71.4%
    70.5%  72.3% 72.2%
    Retention Rate: Black 53.6%
    50.3%  50.0% 51.5%
    Retention Rate: Hispanic 63.4%
    58.4%  57.0% 62.4%

    The second-year retention rate is the percentage of students who have continued their studies into their second year—for example, students who started school in fall 2017 and returned in fall 2018. The table above shows the second-year retention rates for students who started school in fall 2016, fall 2017, fall 2018, and fall 2019. The breakdown provided is consistent with Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education performance measures.

    Here is how IUP’s second-year retention rate for fall 2019–20 compares with the national rate.

      Second-Year Retention Rate
    National 73.5%
    IUP 72.2%

    Four-Year and Six-Year Graduation Rates

    The four-year graduation rate shows the percentage of students who graduated within four years after starting at IUP.

    While we typically refer to the “four-year” college experience, many undergraduates take more than four years to complete the required coursework for their degree.

    The six-year graduation rate shows the percentage of students who graduated within six years after starting at IUP. (This includes students who graduated within four years, shown in the chart above, and any other time frame of six years or fewer.)

    Below, see the four-year and six-year graduation rates for IUP students compared with the national rates.

     IUP: 2019–20 IUP: 2018–19 IUP: 2017–18 IUP: 2016–17 National
    Four-Year  37.41% 41.02% 40.37% 39.50% 38.8%
    Six-Year  54.41% 55.88% 55.85% 53.99% 61.2%