Curriculum and Course Sequence

Graduate students in the Oak Grove

Study Your Way Through the Program with Your Cohort

The SAHE program is organized to support cohort groupings of students enrolled in a prescribed sequence of courses.

A minimum of 42 credits (36 required and 6 credits of elective or thesis), the successful completion of a portfolio, and the equivalent of two academic years of full-time study are required to earn the MA degree. The curriculum is designed to offer foundational and theory courses in the first year and application courses in the second year. Students are accepted for summer or fall enrollment only.

For descriptions of the courses, please visit the Courses page.

First-Year Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits Offered
SAHE 621 History of Higher Education in the United States 3 Fall
SAHE 624 Student Affairs Functions in Higher Education 3 Fall
SAHE 625 Student Development in Higher Education I 3 Fall
SAHE 631 Student Development in Higher Education II 3 Spring
SAHE 735 Individual and Group Interventions 3 Spring
Second-Year Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits Offered
SAHE 731 Practicum in Student Affairs (must have 18 credits prior to practicum) 3 each (6 total) Summer, Fall, Spring
SAHE 634 Assessment and Evaluation in Student Affairs 3 Fall
SAHE 737 American College Student 3 Fall
SAHE 733 Management of Organizational Behavior 3 Spring
SAHE 740 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education 3 Spring
Non-Sequential Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
SAHE 638 Topical Areas in Student Affairs* 3
SAHE 640 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Higher Education* 3
SAHE 646 Interpersonal Sensitivity* 3
SAHE 713 Legal Aspects of Student Affairs* 3
SAHE 648 Student Success in Higher Education 3
SAHE 795 Thesis (can be taken after first semester) 3–6
GSR 615 Elements of Research 3

*Indicates a SAHE elective.