Nursing, Simulation, and Technology Certificate of Recognition

Nursing student examining cell cultures

Simulation and Technology Certificate of Recognition

The Simulation and Technology Certificate of Recognition (COR) will present an avenue to prepare nurses and faculty for roles in clinical practice and education, including those teaching in licensed practical nurse (LPN), pre-licensure registered nurse (RN), graduate nursing, and staff development settings.

The COR program will provide courses that focus on leadership, pedagogical teaching strategies, curriculum design or evaluation methods, designing, implementing, and evaluating simulation scenarios, informatics, teaching via distance education, and the use of technology in the classroom and clinical settings.

The Simulation and Technology COR prepares graduates to:

  • Utilize pedagogical principles to design, implement, and evaluate simulation as a teaching/learning strategy.
  • Develop realistic simulation scenarios for clinical instruction.
  • Employ appropriate strategies to evaluate student learning using simulation and technology.
  • Effectively use current technologies in academic or clinical practice settings.
  • Incorporates technology as a nurse leader in clinical or academic settings.

COR Requirements

Students must successfully complete 12 credits of the required courses:

  • NURS/HSAD 555 - Health Care Informatics
  • NURS 711 - Simulation in Nursing Education
  • NURS 864 - Technology in Nursing Education

Education students select one course 722/723/725

  • NURS 722 - Measurement and Evaluation in Nursing Education
  • NURS 723 - Program Development in Nursing Education
  • NURS 725 - Teaching Strategies for Nursing Curricula

Administrative students select one course 619/729/732

  • NURS 619 - Leadership in Healthcare
  • NURS 729 - Nursing Administration
  • NURS 732 - Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Administration