How Do I Connect My Computer or Device to the Internet?

  • Network Username and Password

    In order to connect to IUP’s network, whether wired or wireless, you’ll need to know your network username and password. This is the same as your MyIUP username and password. You can set or reset your password through the iaccounts website.  

    Game Machines, Smart Devices, and Other Wired Network Devices

    You cannot use wireless devices such as game machines, streaming media players, and smart TVs on IUP’s wireless network. They do not have the ability to authenticate wirelessly on our network. Note that wireless-only streaming devices such as Chromecast and Roku Streaming Sticks will not work on IUP’s wireless network.

    Here are some options for connecting some wireless devices to the wired network.

    You can register devices such as game machines, Roku boxes, smart TVs, and Blu-Ray players for the wired network. This requires that the device has a built-in wired ethernet port. Note that you need to provide the MAC or physical address of the wired device (there is no registration for wireless devices). If you cannot find the MAC address using these instructions, then check with the manufacturer’s website or user’s manual.

    login authorization example

    Note that you need your IUP network username and password to access the Network Registration page. Username should be in the form of iupmsd\username, where “username” is your IUP username.

    You can use the Network Registration Page to register devices that are not computers, but which can access the network via the wired connection.

    Wired Connection for Computer

    To register for the wired connection in your room, plug in and try to use a web browser. Follow the instructions to update your computer to use the network using your network account information. You can also go to the iconnect web page to update your computer in advance. See information about in-room ethernet connections and the Resnet Setup Guide for other details.

    Wireless Connection

    Devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets should all be able to use the wireless connection. You can get help connecting to the wireless at the IT Support Center.

    Phones and Other Mobile Wireless Network Devices

    The IT Support Center has instructions on connecting Personal Mobile Devices to the wireless network connection. Any smartphone or tablet should be able to connect to IUP’s wireless network.


    You cannot connect a printer to IUP’s network. If you have a wireless printer, please disable the wireless to prevent interference. If your printer supports Bluetooth, you can print wirelessly that way.

    IUP does not provide support for personal printers. You can use a personal printer connected directly to your computer using a USB cable.


    You cannot use any device to extend the network. Any attempt to use such devices can result in the suspension of your network privileges. See IUP’s Acceptable Use Policy (pdf) for more details.