Frequently Asked Questions about the Office of the Registrar

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When will I receive my diploma?

IUP has four graduation dates per year: May, August, December, and January. Diplomas are mailed approximately two to eight weeks after the actual graduation date because grades from a student's final semester must be evaluated by the student's assistant dean or department to assure that all degree requirements and financial obligations have been met. The US Postal service is experiencing an unprecedented volume increase and limited employee availability due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. This may result in delays of the shipping of your diploma.

What will print on my IUP diploma?

An IUP diploma is customized to include a student's legal or preferred first name, legal last name, optional middle name or initial, suffix (e.g., Jr, II, III, etc.), degree earned ( e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, Applied Associate of Art), graduation date, and academic honors if eligible.

I have a course with a RI (Remote Faculty Instruction) attribute; what does that mean?

RI or Remote Faculty Instruction indicates the class will be held online typically requiring students to log on and attend the class at specific time, but there is also a possibility that students will need to go to campus for a specific lecture, exam, or in-class assignment.

Students should be aware that a class with a RI attribute may require, at some point in the semester, the student to go to the campus. Moreover, if conditions allow, RI classes may revert to normal face-to-face courses at anytime during the semester.

I have a course with a DE (Distance Education) attribute, what does that mean?

Distance Education attribute allows the students and the instructor to participate in virtual learning. Multiple platforms can be used such as Zoom and D2L.

Courses with this attribute can either be held at a specific time (requiring students to log on and participate at a given time) or can be open where students are given the ability to log on and participate in class without a designated time. Instructors will inform students of how the course is designed. Students enrolled in DE classes may not be expected to attend in a classroom, but there is a possibility (based on the instructor) that students might need to come to campus for a proctored test or other needs defined by the instructor.

How do I search for specific attributes for classes?

What do I do if my grade for a particular class is incorrect?

You should contact the instructor of the class. If the instructor determines that the grade should be changed, the change is initiated on a grade change form signed by the instructor, course department chair, course dean, and student's dean. Once the required signatures are in place, the form comes to the Registrar's Office and the change is entered into the grade system. The student will be sent an email notifying him or her that a grade change has occurred. Incomplete grades (“I”) for which the work has been completed are converted to a grade via the process listed above. The student has until the end of the next regular semester to make up an incomplete grade or the “I” will be changed to an “F.”

What do I do if I am still enrolled and begin to receive notices to pay back my student loans?

You can print your own enrollment verification. Go to the Registrar's website for details.

What do I do if I forgot my network username and password?

Go to the iaccounts website. At that location are options to locate your username and reset your password. If you need further assistance, contact the IT Support Center via email at or by phone 724-357-4000.

Where can I get my alternate PIN?

Your alternate PIN number for fall or spring registration is given to you by your academic advisor. If you have already registered for classes in a given term, you may view your alternate PIN on the Academics link after you sign in to MyIUP.

How do I register for a class that is restricted or closed?

If you are trying to register for a course and you receive the message the course is “Restricted—you are not authorized to schedule this,” contact the academic department offering the course for a restriction override permit. If the academic department decides that you have met the prerequisites, the proper departmental personnel will notify you to register yourself for a particular course section. If you try to register for a course that is closed, you must follow the same procedure—report to the academic department offering the course to receive permission to register yourself for the closed course.

How do I withdraw from a class?

View Withdrawal Policies for complete instructions on processing a course withdrawal.

How do I apply for Pennsylvania residency tuition fees?

There is an appeal process. It is recommended that an appointment be set up with the Residency Officer before completing any forms. The residency reclassification appeal and student domicile regulations can then be explained. After completing the appeal form, the student returns it, along with all supporting documentation, to the Residency Officer. The Residency Officer will mail a written decision of the appeal within 30 days of receipt of a complete appeal application. Get more information about residency.