Richard Muth, director of Regional Campuses, presented at the Regional and Branch Campus Administrators Conference, which took place June 11–14, 2023.

The topic of his presentation was "Rurality: Diversity, Perspectives, and Educational Impacts." The focus of the presentation was to guide senior branch campus leaders in better understanding the rural communities that they serve (for those with campuses in rural areas) and supporting individual students originating from rural areas.

The RBCA 2023 conference theme was "Management and Strategic Initiatives for Regional Campuses," and it was sponsored by Ohio University’s Office of Regional Higher Education. The conference is specifically intended for leaders of a branch campus who function as a chief academic and administrative officer for that site and who typically have the title of campus president, provost, dean, associate dean, or campus director. The conference encourages attendance by those in leadership roles aspiring to higher levels of leadership in branch campus administration. It is a conference presented by senior leadership for senior leadership.