Students observing an assessment FIELD EXPERTISE All of your professors, such as Lynanne Black (right), have professional experience and can give you a real-world perspective whether you are giving a student assessment or observing one remotely.

Gain Experience and Build Your Network

Students have access to a number of centers and organizations designed to enrich their academic experience.

Child Study Center

The Child Study Center is a psychoeducational clinic operated by the School Psychology Program of the Department of Educational and School Psychology. The CSC provides preservice practicum experience and training in psychoeducational assessment and intervention to school psychology graduate students.

The CSC offers:

  • Educational and psychological assessments of children, adolescents, and young adults with learning and/or behavioral problems
  • Consultation and counseling to parents concerning remediation and treatment of children's academic difficulties and/or problem behaviors
  • Consultation to schools, outside agencies, and other concerned professional personnel
  • Short-term treatment of children's learning and behavior problems
  • Identification of disability and giftedness

School Psychology Association Network

SPAN is a student-led organization, whose purpose is to stimulate networking among educational and school psychology graduate students and professionals in the field; promote scholarship and enthusiasm for the field among students; offer students opportunities to encourage one another, professionally and personally, through collaborative efforts; and increase awareness of the fields of educational and school psychology on campus and within the larger community.

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