Graduate Programs in Physics

  • Physics Student Using a Microscope

    Boost your career to new levels with advanced industrial research skills

    Take your physics career to new heights by joining the IUP graduate program. The IUP Professional Science Master's (PSM) degree prepares students for research and industrial positions, or doctoral studies in physics or engineering at other universities.

    An internship experience is part of the PSM. Pursue a real-world experience at nearby companies, government laboratories, and hospitals. This experience and problem solving approach substantially improves your employment prospects, earning power, and career choices by building upon the foundation of your undergraduate studies.

    Don't limit yourself. With the help of our faculty, create a vision for your future. A vast array of global industries relies on the services of problem solvers and innovators with a background in physics.

    Professional Science Master's (PSM) in Physics

    A physics-based graduate degree exponentially expands your realm of possibilities.

    • Provide laboratory research expertise, tackle industrial R&D, pursue a PhD, or teach at the secondary or university level.
    • Other options include working for publishers who create science-centric books, or using your training to enter law school where, for example, you may pursue a career in patent law.
    • The medical field also relies on physicists who exhibit excellent problem-solving skills.

    Your PSM degree also prepares you to engage in solving problems related to complex technical issues. You will develop the interpersonal skills necessary to work within a team, lead or supervise a team, work with customers in a given industry, or interact with secondary or university students.

    The IUP difference

    Customize your future. Build a game plan with the help of your advisor for advancing your goals in the world of physics.

    The IUP Physics Faculty. Gifted professors are here to assist your launch into the wider professional world. At this level you want more than academic standing. You'll benefit from the real-world experiences of our inventive and entrepreneurial professors. Learn more about the physics faculty

    The Foreign Student 3-2 Program. This program introduces students from Eastern Europe and Asia to the American research and educational community-a big boost for students who aspire to international research careers.