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Accounts and Passwords

  • IUP has various accounts that are used to access the services provided by the university.

    Here is a list and short description of accounts at IUP:

  • MyIUP/Network — provides access to campus network, VPN, VCL, drive mappings, campus computers, ireports, online reporting, MyIUP, D2L, and Moodle

    General Info

    The Network Account is what gives users access to MyIUP and other related WebSO sites. Users have the ability to set their own network passwords using iaccounts.

    Please note: You should not set or change your network password while using a PC, laptop, or other device connected to IUP’s wireless network.

    1. Before beginning, be sure to disconnect all PCs, laptops, and mobile devices from IUP’s wireless network. If you reset your network password while you still have a connection to the wireless network, you will be locked out of your network account, preventing access to all network resources, including:
      • The wired and wireless networks
      • The project directory (aka P drive)
      • Your home directory (aka H drive)
      • Desire2Learn
      • Moodle
      • MyIUP
      • The Virtual Private Connection (VPN)
      • Ihelp 
    2. After disconnecting all network devices, delete your old network password (also referred to as cached credentials) from the device. 
    3. Browse to the iaccounts page.
    4. Click on Forgot/Reset Password
    5. Enter your User ID (ex: @00000000) and your date of birth (mmddyyyy). Be sure to include the @ when entering your User ID and entering your date of birth in the shown format.
    6. Click on Change Password.
    7. Verify your phone number and click Yes, Continue.
    8. You will receive a message on your phone with a code. Enter this code into the validation box and hit the Submit button.
    9. If you entered the correct code, you will be displayed your computing account information and the option to enter your new password. 
    10. Enter the password you wish to use in the Enter your NEW Password box. Re-enter the password you wish to use in the Confirm your NEW Password box.
    11. Click Submit to set the selected passwords.
    12. If the password change was successful, you will see a message indicating that your password was successfully changed. If there was a problem, review the error message carefully, and try again to reset the password. If you continue to have problems, please contact the IT Support Center.

    See also:


    Under certain conditions, your network account may enter a temporary locked state. If this occurs, review the list of possible causes below and take the appropriate action. Keep in mind that your network password expires after 180 days. An expired password is a common cause of locked accounts. You can reset your password from our iAccounts page.

    Cause Action
    Too many attempts to login with the incorrect password. This could be caused by the user trying to log in, or by a hacker/virus attempting to use the account in a brute force attack Reset your network password. See How to Reset Your Own Network Password. If you continue to have your account locked out and have eliminated the other causes listed here, please contact the IT Support Center for assistance.
    Mapped drive is using an old or expired password. Disconnect the mapped drive. Reconnect the mapped drive using the password that you have reset.
    Wireless network connection using old password. See our Wireless Setup page to connect to the network using iConnnect.
    Too many attempts to reconnect to the VPN with an old password. Disconnect from the VPN. Reconnect the VPN, entering the password that you have reset.
  • E-mail — provides access to I-Mail (please note that the e-mail password is only used for e-mail)

    General Info

    IUP offers an e-mail account to all registered students and all faculty and staff members. The format of your IUP e-mail address is


    To reset your e-mail password:

    1. While in MyIUP, navigate the the Personal Info tab.
    2. From there, click on Password Reset Options. This will take you to a page that says Display Password Reset Options.
    3. Click the checkbox next to e-mail and click Set Selected Passwords, and then Proceed.
    4. Enter a new password and then confirm the password.
    5. Your password is now reset.
  • PASSHE/ESS — used by employees and student employees to access payroll information

    General Info

    PASSHE/ESS webpage

    Username: 40username@passhe.lcl (replacing username with your Network Account Username)

    Password only used for this service.

    ESS Account Technical Information

  • Banner Web Client — used by the university to manage and administrate student information

    General Info

    Banner Login

    The username is the same as your network username. There is a separate password for accessing the Banner Web Client. If you need a Banner password reset, log a ticket in ihelp.


    The Banner Web client is not accessible with Google Chrome. You must use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access it.

  • Additional Information

    Navigate through the links below if you would like more information on accounts at IUP.

  • Computer Account Retention Policy
    Find out how long your accounts will remain active after you leave the university.
    Online Directory Services
    The online directory provides directory related information for current IUP faculty, staff, and students.
    Password Practices
    Because passwords serve as the front line of protection for computing accounts, passwords are an important aspect of computer security. Learn about password practices at IUP.