Campus Safety

  • Campus police officer and student talk, while another officer stands in the foreground

    Safety and security are top priorities at IUP. Services we offer to keep the IUP community safe include

    • A police department with more than twenty armed, fully trained and certified officers
    • An extensive emergency-notification system that alerts students and employees via e-mail, phone, and text message
    • Personal safety seminars for students
    • Security escorts as requested (call 724-357-2141 to request this 24-hour walking service)
    • Patrol by vehicle, on foot, and by bicycle
    • More than forty blue-light emergency telephones throughout campus that connect directly to the police office and automatically dispatch officers to the scene
    • Broadcasting of information and recommendations via speaker systems in serious emergencies
    • Operation ID (engraving an ID number on valuables for you)

    Find more information about our safety and security measures:

    University Police

    Our more than twenty armed, fully trained and certified police officers focus on crime prevention as well as law enforcement. The University Police are based in the Office of Public Safety, which is open 24 hours, seven days per week, year-round, on the ground floor of University Towers at 850 Maple Street on the Indiana campus (724-357-2141).

    Alcohol Prohibited, Laws Enforced

    University policies, Indiana Borough ordinances, and state and federal laws regarding the possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages or drugs are vigorously enforced. Briefly stated, student use, sale, or possession of alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited on campus. See this page for information on the Bystander-Good Samaritan Policy (Act 66) that protects those under 21 who seek medical help for someone else and ways those age 21 or older who choose to drink can reduce the risk of problems.

    Emergency Plan

    A plan is available to help IUP employees and students prepare for various types of emergencies. Those who register are notified of emergencies via e-mail, phone, and text message. Students can sign up a parent or family member to receive the notifications as well. Register for emergency notification.