What You Will Gain with the Pan-African Studies Minor

Mafei James speaking into a microphone MINOR HAD MAJOR IMPACT - Mafei James, a Safety, Health, and Environmental Applied Sciences major with a minor in Pan African Studies, went on to become an Occupational Safety Specialist for Aramark, Global Risk. "Since graduating, I almost instantly landed a job with Aramark for two reasons: IUP's safety science program having a great reputation in the safety world, and the internship tied to my minor giving me a global edge," she said.

Pan-African Studies Minor: Valuable Asset in a Diverse Society

The multidisciplinary minor in Pan-African Studies helps students enrich their cross-cultural studies by heightening their awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity and expanding their knowledge of contributions by people of African heritage.

It is a valuable asset in our increasingly diverse society and is attractive to employers and graduate schools alike.

The Pan-African Studies minor gives you the following:

  • A chance to enrich your vision of the world by experiencing a multidisciplinary program
  • An innovative linking of studies in history, English, economics, religious studies, sociology, anthropology, geography, and other fields
  • A challenging program to expand your career opportunities
  • A way to explore yourself through contact with incredibly rich and diverse cultures
  • An opportunity to study abroad and take part in exchange programs
  • Help in preparing for the increasingly diverse workplace and for opportunities in many professional fields, including education, administration, management, business, government, international relations, politics, law, communications, and social services