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English: Honors Track

  • The honors program is open by departmental permission to declared English majors with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in English courses.

    To determine how honors track courses will be integrated into existing requirements for the English major, students should consult their advisors or a member of the English honors track program committee (HTP).

    To apply, students must submit a letter of application, a list of English courses taken (with instructors’ names), and a portfolio demonstrating high-quality work in English courses, to the HTP committee. To be accepted, students must receive favorable evaluations from a majority of professors of courses taken and portfolio approval by the HTP committee.

    Students complete ENGL 480/H/ Distinction in English Seminar, HNRC 499, which fulfills the Liberal Studies Synthesis requirement, and six credits in any combination of the following: ENGL 483 (0-6 cr) and 0-6 credits of H-designated major courses, three credits of which must be upper-level. Students must earn at least a B in each course completed for the honors track.

    FAQ about the English Honors and Distinction Track programs