A Young Atheist’s Survival Guide

  • A Young Atheist’s Survival Guide

    March 25, 2013
    6:00 p.m.

    Ohio Room, Hadley Union Building

    National atheist leader Hemant Mehta shares stories of students standing up for their U.S. Constitutional right to freedom from religion.

  • Nearly a third of Americans under the age of 30 have no religious affiliation, the highest in any recorded generation. In this growing segment of “nones” are many young atheists who have faced prejudice in their high schools and communities for standing up for their constitutional right of freedom from religion. In this talk, Hemant Mehta will share stories of students who have fought for their rights, sometimes at tremendous personal cost. Mehta, the “Friendly Atheist,” will also talk about how all of us can help make things better for them, regardless of our age or religious affiliation.


    More About Hemant


    Hemant MehtaHemant Mehta is a biology and mathematics alumnus from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has written a book, I Sold My Soul on eBay, and is the current author of his blog, The Friendly Atheist. Hemant has appeared on Fox News and CNN and has served in leadership positions for atheist organizations nationwide. He currently teaches mathematics in the suburbs of Chicago.

    Cosponsored by the Secular Student Alliance at IUP.