Vocational Technical Education B.S.Ed.

  • B.S.Ed., Vocational Technical Education

    College of Education and Educational Technology

    What You'll Do

    Education opens doors in the working world. For students in vocational-technical schools, a two-sided education with both classroom and hands-on instruction is critical to success. Teachers in this area need to be prepared with both a strong academic foundation and on-the-job experience.

    At Indiana University of Pennsylvania, prospective teachers of vocational students receive special consideration for the skills they have gained in the workforce and any certifications they have acquired. A plan of studies will be tailored to your background and professional needs. The program is not designed for those with no work experience in vocational areas.

    As a Vocational-Technical Education major at IUP, you’ll take classes such as educational psychology, digital instructional technology, American education in theory and practice, public speaking, and math. In addition to academic work, you will be required to demonstrate your skills in your field.

    The 120-credit bachelor’s degree program is a unique blend of the 60-credit Career and Technical Teacher Certification Program offered at IUP and the university’s Liberal Studies degree requirements.

    IUP's Career and Technical Teacher Certification Program is divided into two levels, Vocational Instructional I and Vocational Instructional II. You will work your way up through these two levels of career and technical teacher certification on your way to your bachelor’s degree.

    What You'll Become

    The Bachelor of Science in Education degree for Vocational-Technical Education will prepare you for teaching opportunities in secondary schools, vocational-technical schools, postsecondary schools, business, and industry. As a vocational-technical teacher, your impact on the lives of your students will be enormous. Many of your students will support their families and build their careers using the job skills you have taught them.

    In addition to teaching youngsters in public schools, vocational-technical instructors can also find employment training adults in business and industry. Starting salaries for vocational-technical teachers can be higher than those for public school teachers because of the practical work experience of new vocational teachers.

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    Special Features

    •  IUP’s Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation is one of only three Professional Personnel Development Centers in Pennsylvania funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to provide professional certification programs.
    • Vocational-Technical Education offers an honors track.
    • IUP offers a Master of Arts degree in Adult and Community Education, which features practical work experience as well as academic courses.
    • Along with the bachelor’s degree in Vocational-Technical Education, the IUP Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation offers programs for Career and Technical certification, Cooperative Education certification, and Leadership certification.