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Alumni Testimonials

The key thing that I learned from my IUP Economics days was the ability to analyze situations more closely, which I use in my job every day in the Money Management field.

Alex Kline ’83,
Vice President, Wealth Management Group, Huntington Bank

Alex Kline 

I am so thankful that I majored in economics at IUP. The faculty were supportive every step of the way—from principles of macroeconomics to advanced econometrics to helping me plan my future. In my current position as a college professor and assistant director of a polling firm, I use the skills I learned at IUP on a daily basis. Everything I know about mentoring students and effective teaching, I learned from the IUP Department of Economics faculty.

Dr. Mileah Kromer ’03,
Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Elon University Poll, Elon University, N.C.

Mileah Kromer 

Economics is not just a discipline, it is a method through which to see the world. The analytical skills economics imparts prepare the students of today to confront the challenges of tomorrow. While at IUP, the Economics Department guided me through some of the basic tools of economics. In doing so, the department prepared me to succeed in my post-IUP endeavors. I am grateful to the department for providing me with a solid foundation that continues to aid me in the pursuit of an Economics Ph.D.

Neil Meredith ’06,
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Georgia

Neil Meredith

Economics is probably the most versatile discipline. The analytical frameworks developed in economics can and have been applied to nearly every aspect of human behavior and decision-making. As such, economists are some of the most influential figures in shaping key national and global policies, including climate change, free trade, energy, and health care. Majoring in economics provides students with a versatile set of tools that can be applied to understand and analyze human behavior and public policy issues in almost any area of interest they have.

Chris Krahe ’07,
Associate Analyst with S&P Public Finance, Chicago

Chris Krahe

The Department of Economics at IUP fully prepared me for my job as an economic analyst. The job requirement stated two–five years experience needed, but my undergraduate work at IUP was impressive enough for an offer!

Shannon Stare ’07
Economic Analyst, Association of American Railroads (Nonprofit trade association in Washington, D.C.)

Shannon Stare 

I started as a business student who was taking required Economics courses for an Econ minor to become an Econ major, and now I’ve been admitted to a graduate program in Economics because of what I learned from all the professors and other people I met in the Economics Department at IUP. From opportunity cost to the current financial crisis, I learned to see the world from a different angle and I’m ready to make a difference for this world.

Wanzhi Li ’09,
Economics/International Business Major

Wanzhi Li
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