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Nontraditional Students

IUP Adult Learners

Nontraditional adult student learners are loosely defined as those undergraduate students who are 25 years of age or older. Although age is the easiest way to define nontraditional students, their life experience provides several other identifying criteria: full-time employment, parenthood, care of elderly parents, and prior military service. They typically have multiple responsibilities: work, family, and community involvement. Because of the myriad responsibilities they have in their “real lives,” they want and need services to make their lives easier.

Sadly, our economy reflects a shrinking job market, in which some corporations have chosen to move their manufacturing and production outside of our local area, or worse, had to close their doors altogether. The downturn in the job market is creating a new challenge for colleges and universities, and that is to provide educational opportunities to adult learners. Whether the goal is to provide first-round post-high school education in a new career, or to provide a higher level of knowledge to a person who is seeking an advanced degree, adult learners have typically been away from the studying scene for an extended period.

On a regular basis, nontraditional students express frustration as a result of their experiences in attempting to navigate the higher education bureaucracy. With the break of several years following high school graduation, many adult learners believe that they lack the skills to return to a competitive academic environment, and they harbor anxieties and self-doubt. Fears of inadequacy prohibit many adults from proceeding with education once they encounter such barriers.

At the Center for Student Success, we strive to provide the services and resources that will instill confidence and academic achievement in our adult learners. Academic counseling and personal assistance with maneuvering through the programs, along with strong knowledge for resource referrals, will help the adult student overcome the apprehensions that he/she can make it in the college arena.

Please contact our office for Nontraditional Student Assistance, 107 Pratt Hall, 724-357-3936. Office Hours are Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. (Summer Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.)

Exciting Initiatives

  • NUSAT (Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Advocacy Team) has been formed to serve our adult student learners. It provides an avenue for airing concerns and issues which can improve our services and the way in which we provide assistance for our nontraditional students.
  • The Non-Traditional Students Association at IUP is now a reality. A hearty applause is shared for students Pamella Chamberlain-Clouser and Kimberly Wick for their interest and efforts to establish this student association. Pamella and Kim are the founding co-presidents. The association’s mission is to “promote the academic and social interests of non-traditional students.” For your interest, please review their mission and membership information. Dr. Amanda Poole, Anthropology Department, is the association’s faculty advisor. Congrats to all—and a job well done!

IUP Volunteer Resources

The following people have graciously volunteered to serve as your first line of assistance for any of your questions regarding IUP information.

Also, find us on Facebook (search for “Non-Traditional Student Network of Indiana University of Pennsylvania”).