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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between the PA/OSHA Consultation Program and OSHA enforcement?

Consultants are employed by Indiana University of Pennsylvania and have no direct relationship, reporting requirements, or communication with OSHA area offices. Although the program is primarily funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, our office functions as an independent entity. OSHA enforcement staff have no oversight of, or control over, state consultation programs.

If an employer utilizes your service, will OSHA enforcement be notified?

No. Federal regulations governing the funding for state consultation programs guarantee confidentiality for participation employers. The only exception would be if an employer ultimately fails to correct a serious hazard or imminent danger. This type of action is extremely uncommon, since employers who do not intend to comply with OSHA regulations rarely request our assistance.

If an employer is concerned that company resources could be strained if too many deficiencies were identified, can a request for service be limited in its scope rather than be a full service, wall-to-wall type evaluation?

Yes. the consultant or the client can limit the scope of a visit to specific issues or work areas.

What services can PA/OSHA consultation provide?

PA/OSHA consultation services include:

  • answering questions and providing helpful information by telephone, by mail, and in meetings
  • on-site OSHA-compliance reviews
  • noise surveys
  • air contaminant exposure monitoring surveys
  • assisting the employer in developing OSHA-required, written programs (for example, lockout/tagout, hazard communication, and bloodborne pathogens programs)
  • identifying corrective measured for violations of OSHA standards
  • employee training
  • assisting in the design of the employer’s overall safety program

Is there a cost for PA/OSHA consultation services?

No. All services are cost-free, including laboratory analytical services.

If consultation’s recommendations are implemented, does that guarantee that the client would pass an OSHA inspection?

No. OSHA enforcement is not bound by consultation’s findings, and the consultant cannot guarantee that he or she will identify all OSHA violations. However, the client who receives full services from consultation and implements its recommendations can expect few citations and minimal fines following an OSHA inspection, as well as all the benefits of reduced injury rates.