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Active Capital Projects January 2012

The following list and description of projects is intended to give the reader a summary of active work being performed or planned by the Facilities Management Department. The projects are in various stages of implementation, but each description should provide information about the scope of work, the general status of the project, and the disruption, if any, that our campus community can expect with each.

This list will be updated on a regular basis with major changes announced in IUP Daily. It is hopeful that this information will prove helpful as you plan your activities on our campus. Please do not hesitate to contact the Facilities Management Department ( should you require additional information regarding these projects.

Ackerman - Renovate Observation Area

The scope of this project includes the conversion of several observation areas into offices. This project is in the development stage and without specific details at this time.

Dining Facilities

IUP will begin the process of building two new dining facilities and renovating Folger Hall. A new food court will be constructed in the space between Sprowls Hall and Stabley Library; a new full-service dining facility will be constructed where the Keith Annex is currently located; Folger will be renovated and returned to a full-service dining facility. The design process has begun and the first construction will begin in the spring of 2013 with the new food court building.

Eberly - Construct Atrium

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology received a gift which will enable an atrium to be constructed on the easterly side of the building. The atrium will wrap around the first floor, where it will be adjacent to the indoor atrium and café. Work is to be completed during the spring of 2012.

Environmental Health and Safety - Spill Prevention Plan Update

IUP is required to have a plan for spill prevention and is also required to update the plan every five years. This update is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2012.

Infrastructure - Fencing on Pratt Drive

This project will install fencing along Pratt Drive in the area across from Eberly College of Business. This project is scheduled for spring of 2012.

Infrastructure - Punxsutawney

The green space at the west-end campus will be rejuvenated in the spring of 2012. The lawn areas have deteriorated due to poor soil.

Infrastructure - Steam and Electric Life-Cycle Maintenance for 2012

This effort occurs every year and the work performed in this week-long preventive maintenance effort is considered to be the major reason that the campus experiences very few, if any, unplanned outages with the steam and electric infrastructure. The work always immediately follows the week of Spring Commencement.

Infrastructure - Signage Master Plan

This project will establish a new, comprehensive signage plan for the university to include external and internal signage standards. A design firm has been selected and the study will commence in Fall 2011. Completion is expected in Spring 2012.

Infrastructure - Sidewalk Renovations for 2012

Each year, a special, temporary crew is hired to renovate and improve sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, and steps throughout the university’s main campus. This crew begins their work the day following Commencement and completes their tasks before Fall classes begin. Minor disruptions are experienced from their work.

Infrastructure - Steam Line Replacement from Folger to UT

Underground steam lines will be replaced in 2012. Sections of insulated piping replacements will occur between Folger Hall and University Towers. Excavating is certain to create temporary access inconveniences.

Infrastructure – Purchase and Install Additional Central Chiller

Several years ago, IUP made a strategic decision to implement a central chilled water system throughout the Indiana campus; this decision was made on the premise that the central system would provide the most energy efficient method to cool the facilities. As each building is renovated or replaced, the central chilled water system is extended to provide cooling to those facilities. During the peak cooling season of 2010, it was concluded that the existing central chiller system capacity was nearing its peak; any additional cooling loads would require additional cooling capacity.

This project is to provide the means to purchase and install an additional central chiller that will provide cooling for all future building loads including the new humanities building and the new science building, both scheduled for replacement within the next seven years. A central chiller will be installed under the scope of the new humanities building project.

Memorial Field House - External Door Replacements

This project mainly addresses the poor condition of the exterior doors at MFH including improved ADA access, improved security, and replacement of obsolete door hardware. This is expected to be a three-year project, with the design commencing in 2012.

Memorial Field House - Office Renovations

With the opening of the Kovalchick Complex, the Athletic Department is reorganizing their use of the Field House space. The project includes improvements to spaces for coaches and staff. This project is underway and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2012.

Multiple Locations - Campus Facility Door Replacements - 2012

This is an annual project funded to keep entrance doors in good condition. Each year, a group of doors are selected for replacement.

Multiple Locations – Carpet Replacement

Carpets in public areas and in classrooms that are in the worst condition will be replaced during the 2011/2012 fiscal year. The carpets are being scheduled for various academic break periods including the summer of 2012.

Multiple Locations - Hazardous Materials Testing for 2011/2012

This work entails the testing for hazardous materials discovered or suspected during maintenance repairs or before small in-house projects are started.

Multiple Locations - Hazardous Materials Abatement for 2011/2012

This work entails the removal of hazardous materials discovered during maintenance repairs or before small in-house projects are started.

New Humanities Building – Design Phase

This phase of the Commonwealth Capital funded project is for design of a new College of Humanities and Social Science building. Design began in April 2011 with construction slated to begin in Spring 2013.

New Humanities Building – Construction Phase

This phase of the Commonwealth Capital funded project is for construction of a new College of Humanities and Social Science building. Construction is planned to commence in Spring 2013 and finish in the summer of 2014. The new building will be sited in the space between Clark Hall, Sutton Hall, and Stapleton Library.

New Humanities Building – FF&E Phase

This phase of the Commonwealth Capital funded project is for the outfitting of a new College of Humanities and Social Science building. Completion is planned for June 2014.

New Science Building – Design Phase

The design and construction of this facilities has been delayed due to capital appropriation reductions. Design is scheduled to commence in 2015/2016.

Parking Garage - Life Cycle Maintenance for 2012

Funded by parking revenues, the parking garage undergoes a rigorous maintenance routine each year. These actions are prescribed by garage professionals and are necessary to achieve the maximum use of the parking facility. This work necessitates the closing of the garage for two weeks and is performed immediately following Spring Commencement.

Parking Lot – Expansion

The parking lot south of the Eberly lot will be expanded to a total of 230 parking spaces, doubling its current size. Planning is underway with construction scheduled for Spring/Summer 2012.

Pratt Hall - Replace Auditorium Seating

Many improvements have been made to Pratt Auditorium, but the seating remains in very poor condition. This project will replace all of the seating in the auditorium. Scheduled completion is targeted for the summer of 2012.

Punxsutawney - Construct Basketball and Volleyball Courts

The scope of this project includes the establishment of an outdoor basketball court. The court will be constructed adjacent to the west end academic building. The work is expected to be completed during Spring 2012.

Robertshaw – Main Entrance Renovation

This project includes a new window wall and door system to the Robertshaw main entranceway. The current entry system has deteriorated to the point where the door often sticks open or is difficult to open. This project will take place in 2012.

Sprowls – Design for Courtyard Renovation

This project includes the design for outdoor improvements located on the east side of Sprowls, adjacent to Eleventh Street. This area was selected for improvement due to the proximity of prospective students and parents passing this area on a frequent basis. The design is scheduled for completion in 2012.

Sutton Hall - Renovate Admissions Visitation Area

This project entails the renovation of space in Sutton that welcomes prospective students and their families when visiting IUP. This project is to be complete in January, 2012.

Sutton Hall – Replacement of East Porch Steps

The concrete steps on the east side of Sutton Hall are deteriorating and are in need of replacement. Design is scheduled for the winter of 2012/2013 with construction during the Summer 2013.

Sutton Hall – Service Entrance Renovation

Due to the elimination of South Drive, the service entrance to Sutton Hall will be revised to accommodate several ADA parking spaces. This work is prompted by the location of the new Humanities building. These changes are scheduled for the spring of 2013.

Tennis Courts – Court Replacement

This project consists of resurfacing all nine tennis courts over a three-year period. The first set of three courts was completed in 2010 with the second set of three courts completed in Fall 2011. The final set of courts will be completed in Summer 2012.

Weyandt Hall—Biology Laboratory Renovation NSF Grant Funded

The scope of this project includes the renovation of several Biology laboratories over a three-year period. Renovations include new case work, new flooring, ventilation upgrades, ceiling and lighting upgrades, and utility enhancements. Disruption to these facilities is expected to be minimized by rearranging schedules and performing much of the work during summer periods. The work will be funded by a National Science Foundation grant, which was awarded on September 15, 2010. Construction commenced during Fall 2011.

Whitmyre - Renovate Entry Ways

Whitmyre is in need of renovations to both interior and exterior entrances. Planning for this project is just getting underway. Construction is expected to take place in 2012.