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For Faculty and Staff

Academic Advising

The Advisor Advocate is a valuable resource for academic advisors, offering a newsletter on advising, the IUP advisor handbook, and other links and materials.

College Committees

Faculty and staff may serve the college in many ways, such as becoming members of standing college committees that address issues of importance to the whole college. Every department elects a representative to each standing committee. The college committees for 2014–15 are:

Undergraduate Curriculum

CRIM: Jen Gossett
FDNT: Faith Bellinger and Rita Johnson 
HDES: Sally McCombie
KHSS: Josh Castle
HRIM: Lisa Dupnock
NUAL: Theresa Gropelli
SAFE: Jan Wachter
Dean’s Office: Mary Williams

Graduate Curriculum

CRIM: Erika Frenzel
ELR: Scott Decker
FDNT: Stephanie Taylor-Davis and Rita Johnson
HDES: Jin Su
KHSS: Mark Sloniger
NUAL: Nashat Zuraikat
SAFE: Chris Janicak
Dean’s Office: Mary Williams

Strategic Planning and Reporting

This committee is charged with leading the strategic planning process for the college and assessment of the plan. 

CRIM: Sadie Mummert
CULIN: Chef Pike
ELR: David Piper
FDNT: Rita Johnson
HDES: Susan Venatta
KHSS: Elaine Blair
HRIM: Stephen Shiring
NUAL: Edie West
SAFE: Majed Zreiqat
Dean’s Office: Amy Cook

Health and Human Services Awards

This committee is charged with administering the college level awards, which include but are not limited to the Senate Fellowship, Outstanding Teaching, and Outstanding Researcher. 

CRIM: Shannon Phaneuf
ELR: Scott Decker
FDNT: Nicole Clark
HDES: Karen Scarton
KHSS: Dave Lorenzi
HRIM: Linda Sullivan
NUAL: Teresa Shellenbarger
SAFE: Jeremy Slagley
Dean’s Office: Mary Williams

Enrollment Management

This committee is charged with developing strategies for recruitment and retention, as well as developing collegewide strategies to meet enrollment needs. 

CRIM: Jon Cooper
CULIN: Enid Rsnic
ELR: David Piper
FDNT: Rita Johnson
HDES: Sally McCombie
KHSS: Madeline Bayles
HRIM: Jeffrey Miller
NUAL: Joyce Shanty
SAFE: Lon Ferguson
Dean’s Office: Mary Williams

Technology and Innovation

This committee is charged with leading efforts to promote the effective integration of technology into learning and increasing the college's technological infrastructure. 

CRIM: Zavin Nazaretian
ELR: Michael Korns
FDNT: Pao Ying Hsiao
HDES: Janet Blood
KHSS: David Wachob
HRIM: Linda Sullivan
NUAL: Terri Calderone
SAFE: Helmut Paschold
Dean’s Office: Steve Linta

Research and Scholarship

This committee is charged with promoting and enhancing research and scholarship throughout the college.

CRIM: Gabriela Wasileski
ELR: Deborah Clawson
FDNT: Ida Marie Laquatra
HDES: Daniel Puhlman
KHSS: Keri Kulik
HRIM: Lisa Dupnock
NUAL: Terri Calderone
SAFE: Majed Zreiqat
Dean’s Office: Mary Williams

Health and Human Services Student Advisory Council

Composed of undergraduate and graduate students from each HHS department, the purpose of this committee is to facilitate communication between the students and the dean in order to better meet student needs and enrich the university experience.

CRIM UG: Paul Lucas
FDNT UG: Katie Lynch
FDNT GR: Kristin Savorelli
HRIM: Stephanie Lukas
NUAL UG: Saralyn Knechel
NUAL GR: Taylor Edwards
SAFE UG: Caroline Billom and Kevin Winters
SAFE GR: Randall Butler
Dean’s Office: Mary Williams

  • College of Health and Human Services
  • Zink Hall, Room 216
    1190 Maple Street
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-2555
  • Fax: 724-357-6205
  • Office Hours
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.