Ronald Melzack, an emeritus professor of psychology at McGill University who studies pain mechanisms in humans and animals, will receive the 2010 Grawemeyer Award for Psychology, the University of Louisville has announced.

Mr. Melzack’s research has led to innovative treatments for people who feel chronic pain, including teaching patients to manage pain through meditation and other techniques for redirecting their focus, according to the awards announcement.

The Grawemeyer awards were created in 1984 by H. Charles Grawemeyer, a University of Louisville alumnus, and are given by the Grawemeyer Foundation in five categories to honor creative works and ideas in the arts, humanities, and sciences. The 2010 prizes in music composition and for ideas improving world order were announced on Monday and Tuesday. Winners in the other categories—education and religion—will be announced later this week. Each prize carries a cash award of $200,000.