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The Theaters

There are certain regulations that assist all of us in operating the theaters in Waller Hall or in Fisher safely and keeping them in good condition:

  1. If you bring food or drink into any of the theater spaces, please be careful with it so that stains will not sink into the upholstery or carpeting.  Please dispose of all resulting trash. Remember that these are your theaters and how they look reflects on all of us.
  2. Food or drink has no place around electronic equipment on or off the stage. These can be harmful to valuable equipment and reflect a non-professional attitude on the part of the operators.
  3. Use suitable safety shields and procedures in the shops. With proper care, your eyes, ears, and fingers will last a lifetime.
  4. Please do not put your feet on the backs of the seats in front of you in any of the theaters. It may be comfortable, but it is hard on the upholstery. Discourage others from this practice.
  5. Parking in the dock area in back of the scene shop is prohibited. Violators will be ticketed.