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Core Curriculum

As in the human body, where individual cells combine to make organs, and organs interact to make us who we are, the core class creates a system in which all the disciplines interact with each other. Doing this with such deep and thought-provoking questions challenges our minds in ways no other class has.

—Eric Boyer, Class of 2001

Prepare yourself for the excitement of expanding your mind in ways you only dreamed possible—probing, questioning, debating, and discovering. The honors core curriculum, referred to as "Core," is based on the great questions of all time. Questions that mankind has wrestled with since the beginning, from Plato to Susan Sontag, from Martin Luther to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

We read about them, discuss and debate them, and write about them. In the end, we seek to understand them. This is not a program for the intellectually anorexic. It's a five-course dinner for the mind. You are challenged to explore new ideas, uncover old theories, and define who you are and what you believe. And you will be doing this with a group of people as into it as you are. Will we all believe the same thing? Never! But we will all have to defend our ideas with new knowledge, and in the end, weigh what we knew with what we discovered. It's hard to describe how cool it is to gather in groups and debate your viewpoint with your peers and your professors -- with people who want to hear what you think.

The interdisciplinary honors core course sequence is so different we find it difficult to explain in a few sentences, so please click on the links below and read a bit more about our program. 

The Nuts and Bolts of the Core Curriculum

What Students Say About Core