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Achievement and Opportunity

Like the rich uncle you never had... The Robert E. Cook Honors College is exactly that rich uncle, and it takes exactly such kids, bright as all heck but not necessarily worldly, and gives them every advantage that education can bestow on those thirsty for the benefit.

—Donald Asher
Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different
Ten Speed Press, 2000

The Robert E. Cook Honors College is all about achievement and opportunity and caring about you as an individual. The professors and staff spend loads of time with us, learning our desires and dreams and coaxing us to dream bigger. They take their personal time to help us see the possibilities and then do something about it. Most of us would never have ventured out this far had it not been for the support and gentle nudging of our mentors to expand our possibilities.

This is a very supportive environment for reaching high. Students in our community aren’t cutthroat competitors eyeing each other’s grade or scholarship application. We have a different culture here. We support each other and celebrate each other’s successes. And that translates into everyone from professors to classmates helping to assure that you graduate with the best possible education and the best possible credentials so you can do you want to do.

The Honors College provides internships, study abroad, employment related to our majors, volunteer work in our fields to give us experience, opportunities to attend and present papers at conferences, and openings to publish our work. Very cool stuff for undergraduate students. We get opportunities that many students do not. Think about it. How many of your friends in college ever talk about presenting papers at national conferences?

The Honors College faculty and staff take the time to help us develop a four-year plan and find the right opportunities to complement their educations. Instead of seeing a sign on some bulletin board about a possible internship or program, people here will be sending you e-mails about a special opportunity that looks right for you.

Students can even apply for support from the Honors College Achievement Fund when an opportunity turns out to be too expensive for the family budget.