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Eric Boyer: Philosophy and Political Science

Meyerstown, PA
Major: Philosophy and Political Science

Choosing a major comes easily to some students, not so easily to others. Before he was halfway through high school, Eric Boyer had already settled on one part of his major – political science. The rest came during his early studies at IUP and the Honors College.

Ever since I took a course on Contemporary Social Problems during my sophomore year of high school I have been interested in public policy and politics. When I entered my sophomore year of college I took on the philosophy major because I felt I needed to hone my more abstract and theoretical understanding of political problems.

Eric hadn't been entirely sure about applying to IUP – thinking that if he meant to really learn about politics, he should perhaps go to school in or near Washington, DC. Taking a closer look at the realities of the situation, Eric made what he knows to be the best choice.

The low price and excellent program at the Honors College convinced me that you don't have to be in DC to learn about politics. I admit, I had some doubts at the time, but now I am very glad I came to the Honors College instead of spending more than four times as much to attend another school.

It's not just a matter of cost that makes Eric Boyer so glad he came to IUP – it's what he experienced working through the core curriculum that he came to value.

The holistic approach taken by the Honors Core class gives students an incredibly diverse base for approaching the "big questions" in life. This type of broad approach to study is perhaps the most valuable thing that my college experience has given me.

There's more. During his time at IUP, Eric has seen greater career possibilities than he imagined when he first arrived on campus.

When I came to IUP as a freshman I planned on entering politics as a Senator's aide. My majors have given me this option, certainly, yet they have also prepared me for my dream job of becoming a college professor. I've also been active in the Philosophy club and as a member of the Political Science Student Leadership Committee. Obviously, my tutoring experience with these programs will be invaluable for my future plans -- in regards to entering graduate school, obtaining my Ph.D. in political theory, and then moving on to a professorship at a research university.

Between Internships and Community Service, Eric Boyer has done even more to deepen his understanding of political issues, widen his experience in working with people and strengthen his 'real-world' credentials (a concern he shares with many college students).

It helps, greatly, that I've had four internships: one with a Political Party Headquarters in Washington, DC, one with the Children's Rights Council in DC, one with Representative Frank LaGrotta in Harrisburg, and one with the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center in Indianapolis. The various kinds of community service also gave me good, solid experience in teaching, working with people, dealing with complex issues. I was a volunteer tutor for Political Science and Symbolic Logic, volunteer at the Indiana Co. Humane Society, and a member of the IUP Judicial Board system."

The nice irony of all this, of course, is that, along the way, because IUP and the Honors College helps students find the internships, scholarships, study programs here and abroad that will help them the most, Eric Boyer got valuable work experience, not only in Washington, DC, but in two state capitals as well!

Eric’s Accomplishments

Academic Distinction/Awards

  • Provost Scholar
  • Dean’s List

Community Service

  • Volunteer tutor for Political Science and Symbolic Logic
  • Volunteer for Indiana Co. Humane Society
  • Member of IUP Judicial Board


  • Political Party Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • Children's Rights Council, Washington, DC
  • Aide to Representative Frank LaGrotta in Harrisburg
  • Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center in Indianapolis


  • Spanish